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How is Your Business doing?

How is Your Business doing?

A Question YOU must Answer?

How do YOU answer that question? Do you have a page on facebook that is updated at least weekly? Do you provide daily tweets on your twitter page? Are updates posted to your Instagram platform regularly? Have you checked and updated your profile on LinkedIn recently and accepted the people wanting to follow you? Are there lots of pictures of products and company events up on your Pinterest board?Have you got new products or services with a How-To video added to your YouTUBE Channel? You must have a positive answer for ALL of the Social Media Platforms your customers use. How do they find your weekly or other SPECIAL Announcements?

Here are just some of the services we can provide:

  • complete website design/rebuilding
  • © copyright w/actual reg# certificate from Library of Congress
  • Setup Social Media platforms
  • increase keyword visitors to your website with counter
  • link backs
  • keywords
  • local traffic
  • Add G Site Kit
  • *Google website setup: Search Console, AdSense (if wanted), Analytics, PageSpeed Insights

  • Register Domain Name and add “Locked” privacy
  • SSL Certificate https:// 256-bit enabled (annual renewal)
  • Website Hosting able to handle traffic (300% Green Hosting) w/GreenGeeks
  • Unlimited secure email addresses (w/online console)
  • We do account transfers
  • Banner & Header graphic design
  • Content Writing “Page construction”
  • Blog updates
  • Website optimized for cell-phone, tablet, Chrome-book, and computers
  • Legal Pages:
    • Copyright Notice
    • Earnings Disclaimer
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Website Disclaimer

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