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Posted by: | Posted on: August 2, 2021
Social Media can make your business

Social Media can make your business

Shopping online
Shopping Online

Social Media

This is the add-on site for Su-ZQ.com which is our main website. We provide professional Social Media management to help our clients build on a force that can NOT be overlooked in our present economy.
Get a larger piece of the Online Pie?
When you search Google, Yahoo, or Bing for any item on your phone, tablet, or computer you get links to Amazon and Walmart+. The one time big retailer SEARS is no longer in every shopping mall across this country. Actually, the big indoor shopping malls are fast going out of business, as the strip malls take their place. Many of the big-box stores you find in these locations have went all out to do business online.
If your business in the past depended on Newspaper, radio, television advertising, direct mail marketing, or the Yellow Pages you are losing customers. Even in-store advertising does NO GOOD if the customers are not coming inside. You have surely heard about online marketing with FREE home delivery. Though like many other business owners you are finding YOUR customers shopping online. Most business owners have no idea how social media functions. Every business owner or manager needs to know how to leverage social media to increase their sales and build a large following for their their brand.
How can you get a larger piece of the online pie? For the do-it-yourselfer, you must know how to use facebooktwitterInstagramPinterest, and YouTUBE. Though you still need to manage your daily in-store business, keep your employees happy, and NOT lose your walk-in traffic you still have. What can you do to fill the void? You need to hire a Social Media manager. There is a desperate need for social media savvy people to help these businesses build and manage their social media presence.
A social media manager simply manages the social media networking and marketing on behalf of individuals, retail businesses, and organizations. Social media is this year’s BIG job market, needing people trained in the most cutting edge form of marketing and networking.

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